Top 10 Summer Holiday Destination in India With Images

Summer Holiday Destination in India, As the summer season is ready to come to India to keep people tired from the heat, people have started planning for the vacations to beat the heat. If you are also in look out of the memorable and convenient summer holiday experience, we come up with some meticulously handpicked destinations in India with India tour packages that will soothe your senses and offering you a pleasant experience from the hectic lifestyle.

1) Shillong, Meghalaya

Seven Sisters Falls
Seven Sisters Falls, Meghalaya [shutter_up_14]

Shillong is known for offering the pristine holiday retreat with its talkative waterfalls, emerald lakes and beautiful natural landscapes. Shillong is the capital town of the state of Meghalaya and notated as beautiful summer’s end due to the mesmerizing setting of rolling hills, superb climate, and a bunch of scenic natural beauty.

2) Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi Crystal clear blue skies and songbirds
Pachmarhi [tshpachmarhi]

People who are in search of a destination that is absolutely clam feel, you can plan your trip to scenic Pachmarhi. It is the enchanting hill station in Madhya Pradesh and is gifted with many worth-visiting places that are contributing their role in providing a peaceful vacation.

3) Rishikesh

Rishikesh [Natural India]

Rishikesh is a holy place and globally popular as ‘World Capital of Yoga’. People come across the bank of River Ganga in search for tranquility and meditation. Moreover, Rishikesh is also a hub of daring adventures like bungee jumping, mountain hiking, white water rafting, etc.

4) Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu  Rajasthan
Mount Abu – Rajasthan

Mount Abu is one and only hill station in the dry state of Rajasthan. It has become one of the hot favorite Holiday Destinations in India and enchanting vacationers by providing scenic views of the Nakki Lake, boating activities, and with the lush Wildlife Sanctuary.

5) Manali


With the inspiring climate and serene setting, Manali has become one of the finest all season tourism ends. Summer vacation in Manali lets you enjoy the spectacular sightseeing, paragliding, white water rafting and an array of other high on adventure sports.

6) Sikkim

Sikkim [Photo by Pulak Bhagawati]

Sikkim in North East India is covered with the majestic Himalaya. This is also one of the best place to uncover in summers. Cascading waterfalls, Himalayan trekking trails, Buddhist Monasteries and are much more things to explore with the budget-friendly Holiday Destination Packages in India.

7) Mahabaleshwar

Summer Holiday Destination in India
Summer Holiday Destination in India, Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is the sky-scrapping mountain ranges of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. It offers an array of picturesque views and its rejuvenating ambiance makes it a right position to enjoy the view of nature in relaxed surroundings.

8) Ladakh

Ladakh [Photo By himalayan_roots01]

Ladakh is situated in Paradise land J&K and gifted with breathtaking beauty at every nook and corner. Sparse vegetation, burnished mountainous terrain, snow-capped mountains along with the captivating monasteries in the sky are what that makes Ladakh a special land to behold entirely.

9) Namik-Ramganga Valley

Namik-Ramganga Valley

The best way to pass summers is indulging in the activities and natural sightseeing in the stop having pleasant climate. Namik-Ramgabga Valley is also offering a perfect holiday experience. Namik is a stunning glacier. It is the source of the Ramganga River and offering a lifetime trekking experience.

10 ) Dharamshala

Dharamsala International Cricket Stadium
Dharamsala International Cricket Stadium [Photo Instagram/indias.culture]

If you want to experience the marvels of nature and tranquility during holidays, Dharamshala is the right place to consider. Enjoy the lofty conical mountains, quite valley and many other splendors like a Kunal Pathri temple, tea gardens, etc. while Dharamshala vacations.